Can you tell us about the size and production capacity of the company?

Covering an area of 10,000 square meters, it has 8 production lines, 300 employees, and a monthly output of 20,000 golf bags.

Our company designs and manufactures two patented products, one is a 360-degree rotating Travel cover, and the other is a detachable DIY ball bag, which probably saves shipping costs.

Golf bags; Golf clothing bags; Golf practice bags; Golf travel bags; Golf shoe bags; Golf headcover

Our company specializes in making golf waterproof bags, with a professional waterproof bag production line and professional production equipment.

The waterproof ball bag is first made of leather, which is the top waterproof material produced in Taiwan, and then sewn. First, the zipper is fixed with a very thin thread, and then the leather of different thicknesses is ironed with different thicknesses of waterproof strips. The temperature control can effectively seal the waterproof strip and the fabric to achieve waterproof function.

We can customize the color according to the customer’s requirements, the minimum quantity is 200 pieces per color.

Our factory provides high-quality after-sales service and has won more customers. The functional quality of the ball bag is guaranteed for 2 years, the quality of the fabric is guaranteed for 2 years, and the plastic parts are maintained for 2 years. We are fully responsible for any functional problems of the product.

The customer confirms the order and receives the deposit, and the production cycle is about 60 days.

Our factory is equipped with R&D and design teams, which can design and develop new products for brand owners. We can provide design sketches according to the customer’s concept, and we can provide the most popular elements in the market for customers to choose from in terms of material selection and accessories. We can also accept customer design drafts, and make proofing production according to customer design drawings. We can also design together with customers, exchange opinions, and design the effect that customers are satisfied with. It can also be made according to the samples provided by the guests 1:1.

Mainly for Europe, America, Australia, Japan, and other big brands (TaylorMade, Titleist, PING, Dunlop, JUCAD MAX, MGI).

1. A bag must be vertical and completely discernible by the naked eye. For disputed judgments, the maximum range is 2mm, and the center position is determined by the strap positioning article.

2. The bag should not swing. When one side of the base touches the ground lightly, the maximum gap between the other side of the base and the ground must be less than or equal to 2mm.

3. Embroidery is the most conspicuous part of the bag and must be of the best quality. Off thread, irregularity (like teeth marks), fluff, thread fluff, and exposed bottom are all unacceptable embroidery threads that cannot be removed by scratching on the nails.

4, can not jumper

5. The seam must have uniform specifications and standards. Common stitches are 5.5-6.5 stitches per inch.

6. If it is in reinforced parts, such as the lower circumference and upper circumference, it needs to be 3.5-4.5 needles.

7. There must be at least 4 back stitches in the place where the needle is narrowed.

8. There must be padding on the back of each X.

We are completely confidential for the exclusive client or the style specified by the client, and we can also sign a non-disclosure agreement. Protect customers’ business secrets from being leaked.