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Find a Reliable Custom Golf Cart Bags Manufacturer Here

Founded in 2008, Yiyang Golf Products Co., Ltd is one of the custom golf cart bag manufacturers in China. Our products include custom golf bags, golf head covers, golf gloves, and other golf sports accessories.

All the custom-made golf cart bags we produce are quite suitable for golf brand owners, clubs, small groups, schools, sports celebrations, business gifts, hotels, and other customized logos, private customization, etc. The available colors are red, green, cyan, orange, yellow, blue, and purple, which can be customized according to the PANTONE color card.

Minimum Quantity: 200PCS per color, specific can be negotiated

The sample time is about 3 weeks, and the mass production period is about 60 days, which can be negotiated.

Golf Cart Bag

The popularity of golf cart bag has skyrocketed in recent years because of all the conveniences it provides. And you can purchase these bags wholesale from us to raise your profit margin. They do quite well in changeable weather like the weather in UK and Ireland. They also come with maximum storage and you will get all the benefits of a golf staff bag with these cart bags.

Golf Cart bag pros

We already mentioned that the storage section is quite awesome in these golf bags. This is the main benefit of a golf cart bag and this is why the popularity of this bag is on the rise. They are meant to store a lot of golf accessories because they are not meant to be carried. Since they will be on a cart, the weight is not a problem at all for a player. As a result, the bags are heavier and robust with a lot of storage ability that you can use. Carrying a golf bag can be a hassle and it can be a burden on your body. On the other hand, golf cart bags are gentle on your body because you do not have to carry them. You can just stroll it and save your energy for the game. These are much more popular with the old golf players.

Buy the best golf cart bags

Golf cart bags are generally used on golf carts. The golf cart bags we produce are made of leather, PU, ​​PVC, nylon, polyester, and other materials. We make their appearance quite high-end and gorgeous which is perfect for showing the identity of golf enthusiasts. If it is a very good brand coupled with high-end materials and appearance, then the market value of this bag is great and you can make a lot of profit from it by selling it as well. Most golf cart bags in the market of Europe and America are made of nylon. Some fabrics will be covered with a layer of sponge, while others will not need to be pasted with a sponge. Some of the 2MM PE boards on the barrel are not used. The nylon material is lighter than the PU used in the Asia Pacific. The weight of the PE board is reduced so that the ball bag is about 2KG lighter. Their overall functionality is quite good. There are many unique umbrella bags, jewelry bags, ice bag insulation bags with large space, mobile phones Bags, wallets, glasses bags, pen pockets, green fork pockets, ball studs, sneaker placement, rain covers, cosmetic bags, wet clothes pocket, and other miscellaneous pockets in the golf cart bags. All functional places will be marked and matched with the golf cart. The bundled facilities, the upper and lower handles, are characterized by large spaces and multiple functions.
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