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Start Your Order For Custom Logo Waterproof Golf Bags & Rain Cover Manufacturing

Are you searching for a reliable golf bag manfuacturer&supplier for custom Logo waterproof golf bags manufacturing? Consider Yiyang as your partner.

As a professional manufacturer of golf products, Yiyang has been committed to the development, design, and production of high-end waterproof golf bag customization.

The custom waterproof golf bags, are mainly exported to North America and Western Europe, highly suitable for all golf brand owners, clubs, small groups, schools, sports celebrations, business gifts, hotels, and other customized logos, private customization, etc.

The available colors are red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple, and can be customized according to the PANTONE color card. We take about 3 weeks for showing the sample and the mass production period is about 60 days, which can be negotiated.

  • Service Name: Custom Logo Waterproof Golf Bags
  • Brand: Custom Logo
  • Minimum Quantity: 200PCS per color, specific can be negotiated.
  • Color: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Purple, etc. (Customization)
  • Material: Nylon Fabric
  • Delivery Time: Sample Delivery Within 14 Days. Bulk order 30-60 Days.

If you have any questions about our company and custom Logo waterproof golf bags, please contact us to know more.


Waterproof Golf Bag & Rain Cover

Whether it often rains in the area of the golf course or not, a golf player can always go for a waterproof golf bag because they are more durable and robust in general compared to other golf bags. This is why your belongings and clubs inside the bag are much safer in any situation. They also protect from any damage from water. It will also be hard to continue playing during the rainy season if you do not have a waterproof golf bag. And rain cover with the bag will protect the golf bag from the rain by ensuring full protection of all your golf accessories.

Should you get a waterproof golf bag and rain cover?

If you have a waterproof golf bag then you will be saved from a lot of hassle. If you have a normal golf bag that is not waterproof and somehow that gets wet or if it rains then you will have to do a few things right away. You will need to take out everything from the bag so that you can dry them properly as soon as possible. You will also have to focus on making the bag dry so that the clubs do not get wet again when you put them inside. So, you will have to put the bag upside down so that it gets dry and no water remains inside. And you will have to bring the clubs back to your house without putting them inside the bag because the bag might still be wet inside. You will not have to go with any of this hassle if you have a waterproof golf bag and a rain cover with you. The rain cover will further protect your bag along with all your golf accessories by saving your things and saving you from the extra hassle.

Buy the best waterproof golf bag and rain cover

We have eight production lines specializing in golf bag production with 300 employees who make 20,000 golf bags every month. We use the most popular material nylon for producing these because this material makes the waterproof golf bag more dustproof, waterproof, dirt-resistance, and super easy to deal with any kind of bad weather. Our equipment for producing these mature and stable waterproof golf bags are latest and high quality with 360-degree waterproof fabrics and waterproof zipper testing equipment. We make no compromise with the product quality and we have all the essential hardware and professional configuration that allow us to ensure the highest quality.
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