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These golf umbrellas are suitable for golf clubs, small groups, schools, sports celebrations, business gifts, hotels, etc. You can get your customized logo along with a private customization option if you make an order. The available colors are yellow, green, cyan, red, orange blue, and purple, and also can be customized according to the PANTONE color card. The minimum quantity for ordering is usually 100 pieces per color. However, the specific is negotiable. We will take only two weeks for sample time and the mass production time is about 32 days. The overall production period is also negotiable. Contact us for more details.

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This is the right place for you if you want to purchase the highest quality Golf Umbrella at the most reasonable prices. Our Golf Umbrellas come with a beautiful appearance, good sunshade and rainproof effect, and excellent quality. These are the characteristics of a golf umbrella that everyone needs and these are the reasons why the popularity of our golf umbrella is on the rise. The popularity of these products has gone up significantly in recent years. As a result, our golf umbrellas are widely used in high-end hotels, clubs, residential villas, and many other places. The normal specifications of our golf umbrellas are between 25 inches and 34 inches. The top-notch quality fabrics we use for our golf umbrellas are mostly made of high-grade umbrella special fabrics that mainly include 190PG fabric and 190 nylon silver tape. As a result, the surface of the golf umbrella is plane and the water droplets will quickly fall off when it will be raining. The 190 nylon silver tape comes with an anti-ultraviolet function. The users of these umbrellas will be able to stay away from the heat of the hot summer. And it also keeps the harmful ultraviolet ray away which is harmful to the human eyes and body. The bright color of these umbrellas is eye-catching and eye-pleasing. They effortlessly fit with any kind of building architectural design while complementing it. People also know the 190PG cloth as the touch cloth because this cloth is quite soft to the touch and extremely textured at the same time. This quality makes the umbrella unpretentious and people who will possess umbrellas with these qualities will have a sense of generosity and stability. Golf Umbrella Handles There are many types of handles golf umbrellas have such as plastic handle, EVA straight handle, wooden handle, plastic spray rubber paint handle, titanium plated iron handle, plastic coated iron handle, etc. Different people have different preferences for these types of handles based on their needs and personalities. You can look forward to all these types of golf umbrella handles from us. Styles of Golf Umbrellas Among many great styles of golf umbrellas in our stock, you will most commonly find two-fold self-opening golf umbrellas, straight-handed automatic golf umbrellas, and straight-handed golf umbrellas. You can find the highest quality golf umbrellas with these characteristics on our website. As all these golf umbrellas are large, they will always offer you more coverage on your ride and help you to take your game up a notch. Even though the canopy is big in each umbrella, they are easier to turn because of having improved functionalities. We make a double layer of surface in the umbrella and the lower layer is hollow. The upper layer covers the lower layer which is larger than the ventilation hole to keep it covered. And both the layers are sewn properly with small needles and threads. The rainwater will never enter the umbrella providing the users full coverage in the rainy scenario. And the golf umbrellas are designed such ergonomically that the users will not face any hassle at all even when the wind blows hard.
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