Just think once about how much grime and sweat can develop in a glove if you keep it wearing for hours in a warm weather. This is why you need to build a habit of taking off the gloves on golf course to prevent the grime and bacteria to build up. Excess amount of moisture build up can ruin your gloves. This is why you can keep two pairs of gloves on the course so that you can use one when the other one gets dry. You can also take off the gloves for a while before you go for your next tee. Some people are seen to clean the clubs or balls on the golf course by using the gloves and this is a big no. Make sure you do not do this because it will drastically reduce the life of your gloves and make them dirtier as well. Aside from cleaning the balls and clubs with the gloves, you should avoid cleaning your face, arms, or forehead with the golf gloves. This is the worst you can do because the salt from your sweat can ruin your gloves. When you are practicing, you should use the old gloves and use the new gloves when you are playing the game.



If you can see visible damages on your gloves like tears or holes then it is high time you replaced your golf gloves with the new ones. Sometimes it can shrink and gets small. If you face this then you will realize that the gloves might not fit properly on your hand anymore. If that is the case then you should consider changing your gloves. Sometimes the gloves become too wet that they become crispy because of absorbing a lot of water. In that case you can consider replacing your gloves as well. You should also think of replacing your golf gloves if the dirt does not come off after you try to clean them properly with efforts. If you are wondering how long a glove will last then you should know that it will depend on the quality of your gloves and how often you play with it.

How To Clean Golf Gloves The Best Way:
You are not alone if you never cleaned your golf gloves yet. However, cleaning your golf gloves can improve your game to a great extent. And you can use two best ways to clean your golf gloves.

Firstly, you can use quick cleaning method where you can just pour cold water on your glove and effortlessly clean it keeping on your hand. Never use hot water as it can possibly degrade the materials of the gloves. After pouring the water, gently rub it with a towel to clean the grit and dirt. You will not need any soap if there is no stain on the glove. Make sure you rub gently and do not get too rough with it as it can cause damage to it. Then all you have to do is keep the glove on a dry surface with proper ventilation and light to dry automatically. Never use any artificial heating source as it can damage the leather.

Secondly, you can go with deep cleaning if you think that washing with cold water is not doing any good. To start with this deep cleaning process, you have to use your hands first to remove grass, dirt, and other debris because these can make your gloves wear out rapidly. You can scrub cautiously by using a brush and add liquid soap on too dirty spots if necessary. Then submerge the globe on cold water mixed with liquid soap and keep it there for 20 minutes for soaking. Let the water go inside your gloves for a proper cleaning. Then squeeze it and rub carefully when it is in water. Never brush your glove at this point. After cleaning, rinse it with clean water and wrap it on dry towel to let the water drip off. After it gets dry, put it on periodically and stretch your finger for preventing the shrinkage of the leather

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