Top 10 Golf Bag Manufacturers in Canada

Canada has more than 2000 golf facilities, making it the third largest golfing country in the world. With more than 30,000 golfers, the demand for golfing products is very high. Golfers look for high quality golf products that meet their needs. The country has many producers of golfing products. Some of these companies are subsidiaries of U.S. based companies. In this discussion, we explore the top 10 golf bag manufacturers in Canada. 

  1. Golf Town

Golf Town is a professional golf products making company in Canada. It was established in 1999. Currently, it’s one of the largest producers and suppliers of golf products around the world. The company has everything needed to meet their customers’ needs. The company has a wide distribution network for its products. They sell to customers in Canada and overseas markets. The company’s big box facilities have an average size of 18,000 square feet. This gives them ample space to develop products and enhance their competitiveness. Customers can get everything they need to improve their golfing experience. These include: golf clubs, golf bags, and golf balls. They also produce footwear, gifts, apparel and other accessories. The company is headquartered in Vaughan, Canada.

The company has various units around the country. This allows customers to buy their products from the retail units. They have invested in the latest technology to ensure customers receive premium quality products. Also the company has a vibrant online presence. Customers can order for fashionable golf bags in Canada and abroad. The employees are experts in their different areas. They advise clients on the best products and offer one-on-one service.

The company participates in various society events to interact with the golfing community. This includes holding demos and events around major cities in Canada. They are committed to satisfying their customers by offering quality bags. 

  1. Axglo Golf

Axglo Golf company can trace its roots to 2003. The founders were expert golfers and engineers. They opened a factory in Toronto, Ontario for making golf products. They ventured in making golf push carts and selling them in the Canadian market. Their main focus was to design and make premium golf push carts. But, they have broadened their production to include other golfing products. Currently they make a plethora of golfing products such as golf bags and accessories. They also make various golfing equipment.

The company prides in making innovative products. They do this by investing in state of the art equipment. Because of this, they have expanded their market to overseas markets. They ship golf bags, pushcarts and electric trolleys to the U.S., U.K and other countries.

The company produces popular A181 and A211 golf bags models. The bags are popular thanks to their classy design and durable material and zippers. They are lightweight with ample storage capacity where golfers can store their wares. Customer reviews mention functionality of Axglo golf bags. Users love the innovative features and top-notch customer service.

  1. Sun Mountain Sports Canada

Sun Mountain Sports company was established in 1981. Mr. Rick Reimers is the brain behind this professional golf company. It has headquarters in Missoula, Montana and another office in Toronto, Canada. The Canadian unit is a central base and handles distribution and sales. It is an extension of the main company. This brings top-quality products to the Canadian market.

Sun Mountain Sports is renowned in the production of high quality golf products. They have a strong distribution network in Canada which serves the needs of golfers. The company is reputable for designing innovative golf bags. Their bags are made from high quality products that have waterproofing capabilities. Their bags are practical and customized to meet the needs of golfers. 

Sun Mountain Canada offers exceptional customer service to their clientele. This ensures they maintain reputation and brand loyalty. The customer service is responsive to clients needs and responds to inquiries promptly. Customers can reach support through contact forms, calling and sending emails. The staff are knowledgeable to handle all aspects of Sun Mountain’s products. The company has a warranty for their products which promotes customer satisfaction. The firm receives positive feedback about their bags and other products. 

  1. Swing Control

Swing Control was established in 2007. It has its head office in Montreal, Quebec Canada. The headquarters is a central hub where they design, manufacture and distribute products. They have grown into a renowned brand in the production of golf items. Their products are fashionable for use by golfers. They are committed to innovation and manufacture of high quality products. Their production line includes golf bags, clothing and other accessories. The firm also produces shorts, skirts and golf pants for men and women. Over time, they have continued to maintain quality standards earning positive accolades.

The quality of their bags is top notch which reflects commitment to quality standards. Durability is a major aspect of their golf bags. The bags comprise premium materials that make them endure everyday use. They have a practical design with many compartments. This provides a lot of storage space where golfers can keep their wares. The bags are fashionable and feature a sleek design. The straps have comfortable straps so that golfers can carry them with ease. The material of the bags is water resistant and protects the contents from moisture. 

  1. Accra Golf

Accra Golf, is a lead Canadian golf making company. It is well-known for its premium golf shafts, stand bags and other accessories. It was founded in 2004. It is a leader in the manufacture of golfing products. The company’s head office is in Ottawa, Ontario. Here they manage different operations. These include product design, production, distribution and marketing. The main focus of Accra Golf is to develop superior products that meet the expectation. While they are popular because of high quality shafts, they also make various golf bags. 

Their bags have excellent features such as durable materials to withstand regular use. They are also functional on the golf course. Comfort, stylish design and custom options are other qualities of these bags. The company prides in offering world class customer service to their clients. Some of the notable aspects include responding to queries and offering expert advice. 


Niagara Golf Warehouse is a famous golf equipment company. It is located in St. Catharines, Ontario Canada. The company has been providing golfing products in Canada for more than thirty years. The company is popular because it offers high-quality products for their clients. It has won the heart of many golfers in Canada and North America.

They use the PGA TOUR technology to develop products that meet unique needs of golfers. The customization allows golfers to get their desired products which improves their performance. The company was formed to offer the golfing community with golf apparel, clubs, bags and more. They have partnered with other top brands such as Callaway, Taylor Made and Titleist. This ensures customers get the right products at reasonable prices. Their employees are experts in different fields and offer advisory services to golfers. Since it is situated in the heart of Niagara, golfers can shop at their convenience. 

  1. Coastal Golf Canada

Coastal Golf Canada is situated in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. The firm is a family run company that excels in supply of professional golfing equipment. They have a passion for making high quality golf products, supporting golfers.

The company is a family legacy built on their passion for golf. They have a storefront where golfers can buy golfing equipment and other accessories. They also sell their products online. So, golfers in Canada can access their products by ordering online. The products sold include clubs and golfing bags. The company takes pride in supplying products to customers in British Columbia . They also sell to customers in Toronto and other areas in Canada. They focus on elevating the golfing experiences of their customers. Family values are what sets this firm apart from the competition. They focus on trust, customer service and integrity. They ensure golfers feel part of the company by providing premium services.

They also support the local community through various initiatives. They support local businesses in Canada. The online community is vibrant. Customers use the available channels to get expert advice from the knowledgeable staff.

  1. Just Golf Stuff Canada

Just Golf Stuff is a Canadian online company that specializes in golf equipment. They also sell apparels such as golf bags and other accessories. It was established with the mission to offer top-quality products at reasonable prices. The company is a popular retailer for golfers across Canada. The company has an e-commerce platform where customers can order golfing gear. After ordering, customers receive the products at their convenient locations. The company focuses on meeting the highest quality standards through a wide selection. The products are sourced from top golf brands such as TaylorMade and Titleist.

Just Golf Stuff provides high quality golf bags for amateurs and professionals. They are designed for professional golf players wishing to improve their golfing experience. The bags also assist beginners improve their golf game. Players can get the most out of the golfing equipment. The company selects top brands that meet high quality standards. The bags have quality features that ensure customer satisfaction. The bags are roomy and have many pockets where you can store your golfing gear. They feature adjustable straps and the material is durable. Therefore you don’t have to worry about wear and tear due to overuse. The bags come in different colors and styles. So, you can choose one that matches your game. They only carry reputable brands. Thus, you can trust their products. Whether you’re playing in a tournament or leisurely, you can find a classy bag.

  1. Callaway Canada

Callaway Golf is a global lead in making innovative golf products and accessories. Callaway Golf Company was established in 1982. The brain behind it is Ely Callaway in Carlsbad, California. Callaway Canada is an extension of the main brand. It aims to bring state-of-the-art technology to golfers in Canada.

The company is known for making golf clubs that are loved by golfers the world over. Their design has gained prominence world wide. Callaway Canada is an important branch of the main company. It endeavors to provide golfers in Canada with similar quality products. with the same level of innovation and quality that Callaway is known for worldwide. The unit in Canada excels in distribution and marketing. They also offer exceptional customer service for Canadian golfers. 

Their product offerings include golf clubs, golf balls and golf bags. The collection of golf bags include travel bags, stand bags and cart bags. These combine fashion and practicality. They also have a plethora of apparels such as gloves, clothing and hats to cater to golfers needs. Callaway Canada has invested in research and development. This ensures they develop the best products to meet the changing needs of customers. Also, they engage in golf sponsorships, partnerships and many events. Their customer service is responsive and meets world class standards. 

  1. Golf Avenue

Golf Avenue is a premier e-commerce platform that sells golf products. It’s based in Canada and makes golf products accessible to golfers in the country. Its mission is to create a premier destination for golfers. Here clients can get equipment at reasonable prices.

The company supplies a wide selection of products such as golf clubs and accessories. They also sell golf bags, golf carts and clothing. They offer superior customer service which includes video calls and shipping returns.


The top 10 golf bag manufacturers in Canada are global leaders. They are committed to offering best customer service to golfers. Professional and beginner golfers can get premier quality products from these customers. When shopping, customers should consider prominent features to get the best golfing experience. These include waterproof material, high quality zippers, padded straps and sleek design. Every golfer considers the brand before shopping for any golf product. Some of the brands have been around for many years. They have gained a positive reputation for manufacturing high quality products.  


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