Top 10 Golf Bag Manufacturers in Ireland

Ireland boasts some of the finest golf courses in Europe. These include Royal Portrush, Portmarnock, Ballyliffin, and East Cork. Others are Portstewart, Ballinamore Golf Club in Leitrim, and Ballybunion. There are up to 540,000 golfers in Ireland. This shows that golf is a big deal in this European country. Due to this, there are many companies that supply golfing products. The golfing community in Ireland can get high quality products from top brands. When shopping for golf bags, it’s vital to consider quality, brand and price. Various companies in Ireland have different product offerings depending on these factors. In this discussion, we shall explore the top 10 golf bag manufacturers in Ireland. Keep reading. 

  • McGuirks Golf 

McGuirks Golf is a professional golf brand in Ireland. It opened its doors in 1967. PGA Professional Mr. John McGuirk set up a shop in Howth Golf Club. He wanted to offer the Irish people access to the best golf products at a reasonable price. His vision was achieved after golfers from all over Ireland purchased the products.

The business expanded widely and in 1993 John set up a large store in Harbour Road, Howth. His son Micheal assisted him to run the business. Micheal was the main pillar of the business. He helped in the expansion of the company to open 19 more stores. They also opened a dedicated warehouse for servicing the ecommerce store. The company is now a leading

The company’s mission is to offer their clients with world class customer service. They do this by ensuring they have stocked their stores with products from top brands. They have trained staff who handle both offline and online enquiries. The company is an authorized stockist of major brands. Thus customers are assured of buying genuine products with manufacturers’ warranty.

McGuirks golf bags are high quality and constructed from premium materials. They have custom fits so that golfers can personalized them depending on their needs. Top bags available include the Big Max Terra Style Cart Ba and Callaway Chev Dry 14 Cart Bag.


  • Halpenny Golf

Halpenny Golf is one of the largest golf companies in Ireland. It is headquartered in the heart of Dublin, Ireland. The specific location of their offices is 18 225, The Park, Carrickmines, Dublin. The company provides a wide variety of golfing equipment, apparel and accessories. They are committed to providing products from top brands at competitive prices. Their products are available in-store and online channels. The company prides in offering expert advice and exceptional customer service to clients. Golfers can receive a seamless experience that leads to customer satisfaction.

Halpenny Golf stocks golf bags from top brands such as TaylorMade and Titleist. This provides shoppers with a wide selection and options that meet their needs. Their cart bags feature many compartments and are spacious to provide storage space. The carry bags have a sleek design and are lightweight. Thus, this offers convenience for golfers carrying them in the fields. They also have stand and tour bags made of premium materials to withstand use. The company ensures that golfers have access to innovative products. These premium products enhance their experience in the course.


  • GolfOnline

Golfonline is a leading golf company based in Ireland. They specialize in providing various golf equipment such as bags, clothing and accessories. The company is reputable thanks to its high-quality products and top-notch customer service. Their products are available at reasonable prices. The company’s product list includes clubs, shoes, bags, apparel, and other accessories. These cater to the needs of golfers of various skill levels. has a wide variety of golf bags for golfers. Some of the bags include cart bags that feature ample space for storing accessories. The bags are sturdy and have other features such as umbrella holders. Their stand bags are suitable for golfers who walk around the course. They are lightweight and have a minimalistic design. The carry bags are ultra-light and portable. The tour bags are durable and comprise high-quality materials. The waterproof bags are ideal for wet conditions. The company collaborates with top golf brands. So, they are able to provide the latest bag models in the market. Golfers can access the best products which ultimately improves their golfing experience.

  • Club House Golf

Clubhouse Golf is a popular online retailer headquartered in the United Kingdom. It specializes in supply of golf equipment, bags, clubs and other apparel. Even though it was established in the U.K. it serves golfers in greater Ireland. It has a mission of providing beginner and professional golfers with premier products. Their products are sold to customers at competitive prices. With time, these companies have expanded to overseas markets where they sell their goods.

Clubhouse Golf focuses on providing a wide range of golfing goods. They have knowledgeable staff who offer expert advice. This makes them a leader in providing excellent customer service. The firm has a vibrant online presence. This enables them to supply golf products to customers in far areas. They are popular thanks to their quick delivery time. Examples of golf bags in their catalog include: cart bags, stand bags, carry bags and tour bags. All these bags are selected from top brands in the world.

  • Golf Gear Direct

Golf Gear Direct is a prominent online sporting company with offices in the United Kingdom. It is dedicated to supplying top-quality products to golfers in the U.K, Ireland and overseas. The company offers an extensive range of premium golf equipment. These include golf clubs, bags, outfits and apparels. The products are sourced from top-tier brands such as TaylorMade and Titleist. Other brands include: Cobra, Callaway and Wilson Staff. This ensures that PGA professionals and beginner golfers get the right products.

Golf Gear Direct prides in having a fully-updated catalog of latest golf products. Their golf bags have ample space where players can store their wares. They are functional and convenient for use by golfers. The top products include: Callaway Ai Smoke staff bag, microfibre towel and cap. They have a supportive customer service department. They serve their clients through many channels. 

  • American Golf

American Golf is Europe’s prominent golf products retailer. The company was established more than 44 years ago to serve the needs of golfers in Europe. They have 88 stores in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. The company is still expanding and golfers can access golf products anywhere.

The company stocks various sporting equipment for beginner and professional golfers. Examples include; irons, gas, drivers, package sets, balls, putters, package sets and shoes. They have professional staff who handle in-store and online customers. The staff help golfers by answering any questions they may have. Majority of the store managers are also golfers. Thus they offer professional advice when needed.

The company aims to deliver exclusive deals from top brands to their clientele. They hope that the store will be the first stop that golfers will get quality products. The company offers various golf bags to meet their clients needs. Carry bags offer convenience to golfers since they are portable. These are ideal for those who walk the course. Trolley bags or carts have a sleek design and ample space to store accessories. The collection also includes waterproof bags, pencil bags, tour bags and tour bags. Some of the top brands include COBRA, PING, Jones and Titleist. All these are available at competitive prices.

  • Golf Store is a famous online store that sells golf products in Ireland and beyond. The company is based in Ireland and specializes in a plethora of golf equipment. They also sell apparel, as well as other accessories. Their e-commerce platform provides premium golf products at affordable prices. The products cater to various categories of golfers.

The products available include golf clubs, balls, fairway woods, shoes, bags and more. They partner with top brands to ensure customers get their desired products. Some top brands in this partnership include TaylorMade, Mizuno, PING and Titleist. The services offered include custom fitting, discount on items and Black Friday deals. They also have regular promotions during special occasions such as Christmas. 

Whereas it sells in Ireland, this company boasts of a global audience. They serve the golfing community in Ireland, UK and overseas markets. The store sells quality golfing equipment to players at the comfort of their homes. It does this through online shopping. The quality of the bags is top-notch. They are made of premium materials and are sleek for convenience. They have ample storage and several dividers. Thus golfers can store their products inside the bags and access them with ease. They have waterproofing features that protect a golfer’s items from water damage. 


  1. Halpenny Golf

Halpenny Golf is one of the largest golf retailers in Ireland. It has been around for more than 20 years. Since formation, the company has expanded to serve customers in Ireland and beyond. Halpenny Golf supplies a wide range of golfing products. These include, high quality equipment, accessories, bags, clothing and other apparel. The company is dedicated to offering world class customer service to its clients. The staff are knowledgeable and offer expert advice to beginner and professional golfers. The company boasts of supplying premium products at reasonable prices.

The key features of their products is the wide selection of golfing equipment. These products are from top brands such as Callaway, Scotty Cameron and Odyssey. This instills confidence in golfers since they can get the products by ordering. The bags are superior quality and can withstand different weather conditions. Halpenny Golf bags are designed to suit various needs of the users. The cart bags have special design that allows golfers to access their clubs during play. The pencil bags have a compact design that makes them popular for practice. Other bags include stand bags, tour bags, practice ball bags, travel covers and Golf Holdalls.

The e-commerce platform has a unique design that allows golfers to navigate and buy. Customers can receive free delivery on orders and an efficient checkout process. They also get account management services and expert advice.


  • Pro Golf Ireland is a premier golf products retailer. It is dedicated to supplying golfers with high-quality golf equipment and various accessories. Since its formation, the company has provided a one-stop solution for golfers. They offer a wide selection of golfing products for men and women.

The company was established to provide golf products to junior and professional golfers. They have a reputation for excellence and being dependable in the golfing community. Their product offerings include golf clubs, golf attire and shoes. They also make comfortable shoes for golfing, golf, hats and trolleys. Their golf bags include cart, stand, junior, pencil and travel bags. These are made from premium material to withstand usage. The company commits to provide exceptional service to their customers. The e-commerce platform is user-friendly and so golfers can navigate with ease. 


  • Dormy Golf

Dormy Golf is a prominent seller of golf products in Ireland and the United Kingdom. The company sells golf equipment, apparel, and accessories. The company is renowned for supplying golf products from many top brands. This also ensures premium and reliable golf products for its clients. Golfers can find their favorite products in one location. Dormy sells various golf gear, including apparel, clubs, bags and technology. They are committed to satisfying customers by offering the best service. They have price guarantees, free shipping and free returns within 14 days.

Dormy offers different types of bags such as cart, stand, carry and junior bags. These bags are robust and made from top quality materials.


Whether you’re a beginner or professional, the type of golfing product determines your experience on the course. Ireland is home to over 300 golf courses and the supply of products matters a lot. When searching for the right product, the above guide will help you in choosing one that suits your needs. The best bags are made from high quality products. They have water resistant features and have ample storage. These companies provide golfers with a wide selection to decide on what suits them best. 

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