LED Light Golf Balls Supplier

A golf ball is a solid ball made of rubber, covered with a layer of rubber thread and coated with a layer of white paint. The ball is 42.67 mm in diameter and weighs 46 grams. Golf balls can be divided into single-layer balls, double-layer balls, three-layer balls, and multi-shell balls in terms of structure; in terms of hardness, they can be divided into three types: hardness 90-105, hardness 80-90, and hardness 70
The appearance of the game ball, outer shell of the game ball is a tough and soft polyene material, and there are three or four layers of completely different structures and materials up to the core. The cavity of the game ball is precisely crafted to produce maximum aerodynamic benefits, with unparalleled advantages in direction and distance.
The driving range is mostly two-layer balls, and the materials used are relatively simple.

  • Specifications: Wind Tunnel: 332 Peak Cave
  • Product weight: 45-46g
  • The thickness of the outer skin layer: diameter: 1.2mm
  • Product size: Diameter: 42.6-42.8mm
  • Product elasticity: 95%-98%
  • Product compression: 75%-80%
  • Product material: inner core synthetic rubber, middle layer animal resin, outer skin imported sarin
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