Golf Caps

What is the difference between a baseball cap and a golf cap
1. Different hat brim
A baseball cap is a flat-brimmed hat with a relatively short brim. The part that covers the head is relatively square and hard. It is used to protect the head and prevent the sight from being blocked;
The brim of a golf cap is longer than that of a normal baseball cap, and the sides of the hat are more rounded, mostly to block sunlight and maintain sight.
2. Different types
Baseball cap: The brim of the training hat is designed to have a certain curvature; while the brim of the competition hat has no curvature, which is now the most common straight-brimmed hat. Straight-brimmed hats can be broken into curved brims by hand.
There are many kinds of golf hats, the most common ones are those that are similar to peaked caps suitable for playing tennis, as well as those with hollow tops and hollow meshes. These three are all common. Other types of golf hats include fisherman hats and cowboy hats. style, etc.
3. Different styles
There are many fashion elements incorporated into baseball caps. Outside the baseball field, you can often see the scene of stars wearing baseball caps; while golf caps are generally more casual, and there are many hat materials.

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