Golf Bag with Stand

In the current complicated situation, the volume of the product is controlled through various designs and the cost of shipping is reduced. This design can pack 3 times more than one 40HQ, which greatly saves the pressure on shipping costs. It can help you gain the key competitive advantage you need in a rapidly changing market.
1. The traditional method of 40HQ is about 650PCS
2. Combined method, 40HQ can hold 1800PCS, and the number can be increased or decreased from left to right according to different bag shapes.
3. Save sea freight, take West America port as an example, a 40HQ $15000 calculation = traditional method of sea freight $23/PC, combined bag method $15000/1800=$8.4, 23-8.4=14.6 (per PC), $2 for in-store assembly, 14.6-2=$12.6 (saving shipping).
4. Tariffs, 42% for golf products, 16% for semi-finished products
5. Save 60% of guest storage space

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