Golf Bag Travel Cover 02

GOLF TRAVEL COVER has something to do with travel. That is, this kind of airbag is specially designed for golf enthusiasts to go out to play. It can better protect the rod, not be damaged during travel, and can store all your luggage, including clothing, shoes, etc. It has 6 handles for easy lifting from any angle and 4 urethane wheels (2 in-line, 2 swivels) for easy operation on the go.

  • The material of the airbag is generally more anti-friction and easy to clean;
  • The shape is relatively regular, unlike the general bag, which is more personalized, mainly for the convenience of air transportation;
  • The compression resistance is better than the general bag, mainly because of the need to protect the club;
  • The convenience and performance are good. Generally, the bottom of the airbag is equipped with wheels, which is mainly convenient for golfers to pull the luggage in one hand and the ball bag in one hand.
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